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Remote Pilot License (RPL)
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Course Information

Our Remote Pilot Licensing Training is designed to equip aspiring drone pilots with the knowledge, skills, and certification required to operate drones commercially. This comprehensive course covers all essential aspects of remote piloting, ensuring a solid foundation for safe and successful operations.

Minimum Requirements
  • 18 years & older
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Class 3 Medical required for BVLOS candidate, OR Class 5 "self-declaration" Medical
  • Proficiency in the English language, both spoken and written

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Course Duration

Approx 2 weeks


Johannesburg, South Africa

Study Mode

Online & Classroom Based
Remote Pilot License (RPL)

Learning Outcomes

  • Remote Pilot License Theoretical Training
  • Understanding of Regulations
  • Remote Pilot License Practical Training
  • Proficiency in Flight Principles
  • Medical, Language Proficiency, Radio 02 license, Skills Test & DRE Sign Out
  • Flight Planning Skills
  • All Administration and Application
  • Drone Equipment Knowledge
  • A SA CAA Remote Pilot Licence
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Weather Assessment
  • Aeronautical Charts and Airspace Awareness
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Practical Flight Skills

Who is this Course for?

  • Drone Enthusiasts
  • Aspiring Commercial Drone Operators

Individuals working in industries such as:

  • Photography
  • Insurance
  • Cinematography
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Government and Public Sector Employees
  • Real Estate
  • Researchers and Scientists

Key Focus Areas

  • Drone Flight Principles
  • Weather Conditions and Effects
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Aeronautical Charts and Airspace
  • Navigation and Flight Planning
  • Emergency Procedures and Risk Mitigation
  • Drone Equipment and Maintenance
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations
  • Communication and Situational Awareness
How you will benefit
  • Legally Operate Commercially
  • Expanded Career Opportunities
  • Expanded Service Offerings
  • Enhanced Skill Set and Versatility
  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills
  • Increased Earning Potential
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Credibility

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