Autonomous Perimeter & Surveillance Monitoring


Secure your perimeter with our autonomous surveillance solution, protecting you and your assets day & night.

Scheduled Security Patrols

Set repeatable patrol flight missions and remove your team from hazardous environments

AI Threat Detection

Detect vehicles & people on-route, alerting operators and response teams

Automated Alarm Response

Send your PatrolBot to investigate sensor triggers or integrated alarms, providing a safe first-responder solution

Integrate your VMS

Operate the PatrolBot as an extension of your current CCTV strategy, targeting difficult to reach and unsafe areas

5km operation radius

Operating within a safety buffer, allowing for signal interference and wind speeds <4 m/s, with 20% battery reserve

15m/s Wind Resistance

Operate in strong-winds with a takeoff and landing speed limitation of 12 m/s.

Ingress Protection IP55

Allowing the drone to return back to the weatherproof dock in rainy conditions

Mission Live Streaming

View Live HD Video streamed back to your operations or schedule video recording for playback

Robust Hardware and Sensors

Deploy on-site 24/7 to suite your data application workflow

Wide Camera

  • 1/2” CMOS 12MP
  • Equivalent focal length: 24mm
  • 4k30fps video

Thermal Camera

  • 640x512@30Hz
  • Equivalent focal length: 40mm
  • R-JPG Images

Zoom Camera

  • 1/2" CMOS 48 MP
  • 5x-16x Optical Zoom
  • 200x Digital Zoom
  • 8k images and 4k30fps video

Laser RangeFinder (LRF)

  • 1200m detection range

Easy Deployment across your Operations

Cover multiple assets with our modular approach & global satellite coverage

Flight Time

40 min

Flight Range

5 – 7 km

Rapid Charging: 10% - 90%

25 min

Ports & Terminals

Monitor approaching vessels or ships with sensitive cargos and provide aerial surveillance across your port operations.

Energy & Utilities

Detect leaks, intrusions and theft along pipelines and critical energy installations, providing pro-active surveillance and inspections.

Industrial Infrastructure

Day or Night, Rain or Shine our PatrolBots are built to withstand the elements, providing wide-area coverage of your industrial sites, ensuring non-stop operations.

Our Process

Trust the industry-leader in delivering your remotely operated autonomous drone strategy

Initial Consultation

Chat with one of our experts to learn more about our xBot solutions

Determine which xBot fits your needs

Depending on Area Size, Data Output, Capture Frequency & Environmental factors, we can help you discover the perfect solution

Ordering & Assembly

Depending on Quantity, expect a Lead time of 4 - 6 weeks

On-Site Deployment & On-Boarding

Setup of Flight Missions, installation of xBot & Customer Training


Custom development and integration of operational triggers to allow for automated deployment


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Upgrade Options Available

Our xBot Platform has a modular design, allowing for customisation and integration to suite your requirements

Cloud-based AI Visualisation Platform
Cloud-based AI Visualisation Platform
Centralise all your visual data in our online platforms, allowing for further analysis & archiving
Custom Software Development & API Integration
Custom Software Development & API Integration
Trigger your xBot using our cloud-based API and automatically set GPS waypoints.
Global Data Satellite Connectivity
Global Data Satellite Connectivity
Using Starlink Business, we are able to deploy our xbots across the world to support your remote operations.
On-Site Maintenance SLA
On-Site Maintenance SLA
Guarantee up-time and performance with our on-site maintenance programme.
Dedicated Remote Operating Centre
Dedicated Remote Operating Centre
Deploy On-Demand with your own dedicated Flight Controller and Remote Operating Centre. Host your ROC at your premises or within our facilities.
Ready-to-Deploy Mine Spec Skid
Ready-to-Deploy Mine Spec Skid
Designed for harsh environments with high safety requirements, our ready-to-deploy skid includes electrical preconfiguration

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