Rocketmine aligns under new RocketDNA brand

Company News
July 30, 2023

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Rocketmine is very excited to announce our new company name as we become “RocketDNA” across all our business units and align our global operations under a single brand.

This includes Rocketmine Australia Pty Ltd, Rocketmine WA Pty Ltd and our ASX-listed holding entity, formerly Delta Drone International Ltd.

Our New Name

The "DNA" is a play on words, representing our strengthened focus on Drones & Automation and the continuous data insights we can deliver at this technological intersection within the mining, agricultural and engineering industries.

The change comes as the company moves forward with a new mission to democratise drone data that empowers decision-makers for a safer and more productive world.

It is a mission that has been more than a decade in the making, and we know that this alignment will provide renewed insight into our products and AI-offering.

Our Origin Story

The Rocketmine origin story began more than 12-years ago and has evolved into a diversified drone service, technology & training business, focused on the mining, agriculture and (now) engineering industries.

Throughout this journey, we have always embraced the opportunity that drone technology offered; initially leveraging the safety concerns of open pit mining and combining our knowledge of aviation and regulatory requirements to provide a simple solution to complex problems.

Offices were originally established in Johannesburg (South Africa) & Accra (Ghana) and then Perth, upon our expansion into Australia; acquiring a majority stake in Arvista Pty Ltd, a local survey and aerial services business in 2021.

Our holding company, RocketDNA Ltd, is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:RKT), and is based in Subiaco, Perth WA.

Our Renewed Focus

While Rocketmine’s primary line of business focuses on providing contract aerial survey mining services, the re-brand to RocketDNA allows us to unlock our decade of experience and position ourselves as a multi-industry geo-data and automation technology specialist.

Our recent achievements in Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) operations as well as integrating new Artificial Intelligence (AI) software products into our customers workflow has already delivered immediate productivity gains for our customers.

Combining this new technology offering with our decades of crewed& uncrewed aviation experience has helped us build a scalable operating formula which has earned us a BARS accreditation; a global aviation safety recognition standard required for Tier-1 customers.

What this change means for you:

· All existing contracts and agreements will remain unaffected, as only our name has changed, with our ABN registration remaining the same for each business;

· Some administrative changes may take place (such as email address’), though we will ensure this happens with minimum impact and adequate notice;

· Our service and professionalism will continue to be provided at the same high standards, as always;

· As our new product suite begins to roll-out, we will offer more functionality to new customers, as well as upgrades to existing contracts;

RocketDNA will continue to learn, grow and partner with the best and most experienced experts in the industry in order to bring our clients the absolute latest in geo-data products and AI technology.

We look forward to moving forward with each and every one of you into this new space.