RocketDNA secures CASA Autonomous Ops Approval; first in Australia with DJI Dock

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August 30, 2023

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RocketDNA has secured its autonomous BVLOS operations approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) this week, becoming the first drone operator in Australia with approvals for the newly released DJI Dock.

This follows almost a year of work with CASA, including the development of robust safety protocols, and a suite of policies and procedures, as well as a practical demonstration.

The company now has an approved Remote Operating Centre in Perth, WA, where a team of highly trained pilots will be able to fly drones autonomously and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) at authorised sites in Australia.

“This approval unlocks a whole new set of RocketDNA products”, explains CEO, Chris Clark, “With various applications for data collection now possible to be conducted remotely, and led by the arrival of the highly anticipated DJI Dock”.

After becoming one of the first companies in Australia to receive the DJI Dock upon release to the market this year, the company has spent many months refining flight planning protocols for applications in mining, critical asset management and thermal inspection.

“Our X-Bot (Drone-in-a-box) products are designed to automate operational workflows using drones and AI”, explains Clark, “The idea is that we can create safer and more sustainable work environments by using our autonomous drone-based, remote geo-data solutions; keeping your teams out of dangerous environments”.

The company has already deployed its first DJI Dock to a customer site (gold mine) in Western Australia, where the team will begin implementing autonomous flights into existing operations.

“Thanks to our business partners pioneering in areas of both innovative applications and regulatory compliance, more and more users are now able to benefit from the advanced technology provided by DJI Enterprise. Upon our partnership with RocketDNA, we look forward to seeing more users incorporate our products into their automated intelligent workflows to further enhance their productivity in various aspects,” said Andrew Yu, Sales Manager at DJI Enterprise.

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