RocketDNA provides Drone based Geo-Data & Automation Solutions

Leveraging AI & Autonomous Drone technology, we help decision makers obtain practical insights in fast-changing environments

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Based across our global operations, RocketDNA celebrates a diversity of people, views & people to help us drive the business forward

15,000km² +

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Our focus is on developing cost-effective technology solutions that scale, allowing for frequent data capture and insights



Our Enterprise Customers have taken us across the world, with experience across Africa, Australia, Europe and North America

The RocketDNA origin story began over 12 years ago.

Founded as Rocketmine, a drone-based services company focused on providing contract mining services, RocketDNA has evolved into a multi-industry geo-data & automation specialist.

We embraced the opportunity that drone technology offered, leveraging the safety concerns of open pit mining at the time, combined with our knowledge of aviation and regulatory procedures to provide a simple solution to a complex problem.

Understanding how over a hundred years of Aviation experience can be applied to modern-day technology has helped us build a scalable operational formulae which has earned us global safety recognition.

We have learnt, grown and partnered with some of the best and most experienced experts in the industry and look forward to expanding our reach across the globe.

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Our Unique Value Drivers

What makes us different from other drone data companies

Scalable Operating Model
A key component of what we have built over the last decade as a business is the ability to scale our operations not only domestically, but at a global scale. Whether organic growth or through acquisitions, we have designed and built mature and robust systems (such as commercial, legal, financial & operational models) that adapt well to jurisdictions with high regard for legislated drone and uncrewed technology operations. Business’ which we acquire immediately benefit from our existing approvals and knowhow, enabling faster growth via a wider capability set.
We have strong Sales and Marketing teams based across multiple continents and timezones, allowing us to offer significant reach for our partners, as well as global support for our customers.
Training & Recruitment
Through the years, we have developed a formal recruitment team that can accurately identify, recruit, onboard & train new pilots to modern training standards, developed by our internal team. We also train external customers who require their Remote Pilots License or BVLOS type-ratings.
Economies of Scale
With one of the largest drone fleets in the world, DLT has built strong partnerships with some of the globe’s leading hardware and software suppliers, allowing us to negotiate competitive pricing and comprehensive service levels at an international level. This scale also opens doors to the latest technology and upgrades, as we generally have input at an engineering-level to improve the overall product and delivery experience.
Regulatory Approvals
Our team is not only comprised of surveyors and engineers, but traditional aviators too! This unique industry knowledge, built over the course of 12 years, has allowed us to develop mature Safety and Quality Management Systems, which in turn builds trust and confidence from regulators (such as CASA). We are only a handful of operators to achieve Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) accreditation across multiple continents, which enables us to attain large area data acquisition at a lower cost point.
AI & Software Integration
We develop applications which streamline our data workflows and integrate with pre-existing cloudbased AI tools or visualisation platforms – these deliver information and insights directly to our customer’s database and portals.
Automation & Research
Our R&D is heavily focused on developing an autonomous drone & robotic eco-system which would remove pilots operating in dangerous areas, while delivering a higher frequency of data from Remote Operating Centres.

Our Business Model

We provide scalable geo-data & AI solutions using automated data capture and on-site services, which provide short & long-term insights for decision makers

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(Entered 2012)
Providing Automated or Manual On-Site Data Capture, delivering solutions which focus on Survey, Geotechnial Analysis and Blasting
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(Entered 2012)
Focusing on Research & Development, assisting our Customers in analysing their trials down to the very seedling
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Infrastructure Monitoring

(Future Growth Area)
Harnessing our geo-data experience in regional and rural settings, RocketDNA looks to expand it's offerings within the ageing critical infrastructure arena

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